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JCSP is The Junior Certificate School Programme.

JCSP is followed by all junior students in our school alongside The New Junior Cycle Programme.

In our school the aim of JCSP is to support The New Junior Cycle Programme through a series Of statements Of Learning in a number of key subjects that all students study. These subjects are English, Maths ,Geography and Irish.

The statements of learning describes an area of knowledge, a concept or a skill the student has achieved through studying any of the above particular subjects,following the syllabus of that subject.

Statements are divided into learning targets and are recorded in Statement Books that each student receives in first year. These are stored in the JCSP Department and are given out to  JCSP teachers at regular intervals to track the learning targets through statements of learning which are a great addition to the preparation for The New Junior Cycle.

The JCSP is a very positive learning tool for students of all abilities and at the end of third year each student is presented with a final profile of the work done over the three years before taking their final New Junior Cycle Exam.

JCSP also provides the students with free valuable resources which helps with all the different abilities of learning within each junior year.

JCSP also provides finance through initiatives to support different subjects within The New Junior Cycle. These initiatives provide finance for invaluable workshops and resources that are subject-specific and helps finance trips related to specific subjects.  Examples of recent successful initiatives include:

Artist In The Classroom For First Years:   This involves puppet making workshops.

Film Making:  This involves two second year groups learning about film making and making a short film each. This also involves the buying of film equipment as a follow up to the film making initiative.

Home Economics:  JCSP programme helps with purchasing of invaluable resources which will serve all Home Economic students for practical teaching and learning within the subject.

Geography:  JCSP programme helps with purchasing invaluable resources to aid in the teaching and learning of Geography for present and future JCSP students.

History: JCSP programme helps with financing History trips relevant to the syllabus.

Maths: JCSP programme helps with buying Maths resources to aid in the teaching of Maths In The New Junior Cycle.

We also apply for a summer celebration initiative so that students can have a celebration after being presented with their Final Profile Folder.

JCSP also provides unique opportunities  to compete for new experiences for our student at minimum cost to the student.

Recently, we successfully, for example, applied for an adventure overnight trip to  An Oige in Killarney.  The students had to pay for the transport only.  This trip involved Kayaking with Cork Adventure Centre followed by hill walking.  Lunch was supplied and prepared by a chef who also cooked the evening meal, breakfast and a packed lunch for going home the following day.  Twenty five students were involved and it was a complete success.

The following is a link to more information on JCSP:

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